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Fully Furnished - The Furniture Union Shoot

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. A lot of the time this blog is just a vehicle to show off some lovely new photographs. And why not? It's our trade after all and we're good at it (Not meaning to be boastful, of course!). Plus we hear that google likes something new and a little boost to SEO performance wouldn't go amiss!

We are fortunate to work with a variety of super clients all over London ranging from estate agents to developers to architects and interior designers. And we like our property photography to come in various guises. It keeps us on our toes and stokes the inner embers of inspiration. Okay, I'll stop there!

The Furniture Union, a company who specialise in furnishing and interior design products invited us to shoot this fantastic property in Paddington, not far from Hyde Park and Imperial College. We found a marvellous new-build house on a private road decked out in stylish and elegant furnishings - and TFU had installed the kitchen and bathrooms to a high spec too.

Take a look at the wonderful results - I'd quite happily have this as my London pad. Just sayin'!

If you like what they do, just get in touch

Georgian New Build Delight!

How often is there something less than desirable about the aesthetics of a new build house? It seems only a select number of the high end developments tend to offer something interesting to look at. Anything ornate and detailed usually comes at a cost. Unless, however, you're talking about a street with Grade II listed Georgian- style properties on it!

The Haywoods Group recently completed a high spec renovation of an end of terrace Georgian house in Clapham and restored it to it's original splendour! This beautiful house covers 5 floors, has 5 bedrooms, 3 reception rooms and 4 bathrooms... and we were lucky enough to photograph it!

Introducing The Coach House!

Former garage, future home

You've all heard the one about the small garage selling for many hundreds of thousands in some desirable place in London, right? Well, here's one where the owner has taken said garage space and made it into a delightful 1 bed house - complete with upstairs and terrace. And the thing is, it actually doesn't feel small when you're inside. A bit of a tardis, this one!

Pixangle especially likes the rear window, a circular wrought iron delight, the floating staircase and the bedroom barn type doors that open onto the terrace. Have a look!

Russell Gardens Mews-London W14

London Architectural firm Hogarth commissioned Pixangle to shoot their latest masterpiece, a mews property in a desirable location in Kensington and Chelsea. Following Hogarth's design, the property had undergone a full scale refurbishment, leaving only the front facade in tact during construction, which included a basement excavation and a full reconfiguration of the internal spaces. The transformation was driven by a design concept that was  "governed by an 'upside down’ approach to traditional living, with the sleeping accommodation on the lower floors, and the living spaces (kitchen/living/dining) on the upper.

The success of this was in large part due to the amount of natural light created by the design. Use of glass floors, a bespoke perforated staircase and stepped beds at ground level made this possible.

Check out the results. We think this place is stunning!