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Too cool for school?

We were delighted to be asked to photograph this amazing creation - a new pre-prep school in Chelsea, South West London, which opens in September this year. 

The building, which formerly housed the Chelsea Conservative Club,  has a grand Victorian facade which has largely remained untouched and looks ideally suited to house a school - not too cool thus far.... However, it's the transformation inside that is something to see!

The creation is the vision of Stuart Bamford, who is Head of nearby Chelsea Pre Prep. It takes inspiration from "the magical world of children's literature and artistic film makers" in an effort to challenge "the culture of 'box-ticking' education". 

The school has 6 large classrooms, a performance studio, an enchanted garden and an Imaginarium - a space which transforms once the automatic blinds come down and the numerous projectors switch on. Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by swimming fishes in an underwater aquarium, the next minute surfing alongside a beach in a tropical paradise!  

We have no doubt it will be a delight for the children (aged 2-5 years) who will attend, but from a photographer's point of view it was a dream to shoot. 



Russell Gardens Mews-London W14

London Architectural firm Hogarth commissioned Pixangle to shoot their latest masterpiece, a mews property in a desirable location in Kensington and Chelsea. Following Hogarth's design, the property had undergone a full scale refurbishment, leaving only the front facade in tact during construction, which included a basement excavation and a full reconfiguration of the internal spaces. The transformation was driven by a design concept that was  "governed by an 'upside down’ approach to traditional living, with the sleeping accommodation on the lower floors, and the living spaces (kitchen/living/dining) on the upper.

The success of this was in large part due to the amount of natural light created by the design. Use of glass floors, a bespoke perforated staircase and stepped beds at ground level made this possible.

Check out the results. We think this place is stunning!