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Project: Draper House, New Cross

We recently had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot at Draper House in New Cross, currently on the market for sale with Winkworth New Cross. Draper House is one of a row of new build homes constructed less than a decade ago, and yet they've been so sympathetically constructed that they fit in really well with the surrounding Victorian architecture.

Draper House has been furnished so beautifully it was hard for us to stop taking photos! Here's a collection of shots of this lovely home, starting with the well-designed external.


Ahhhh! This kitchen-reception is the definition of serenity.


And these bedrooms are so clean and comfortable:


This is a proper family home, and the owners have really made that work with a dedicated playroom and a super cute kid's bedroom:


We love the simplicity and cool colours of the bathrooms...


One of the nicest features of the house is its wide hallways and landings, making the property feel spacious:


And the garden is incredibly spacious with plenty of room for outdoor furniture...


One final fantastic feature: an accessible roof with amazing views! As the owner put it: Imagine being up there on New Year's Eve with a glass of champagne watching the fireworks over the city. Perfect!

Flower Power!

Whether you prefer neatly decorated spaces or more haphazard environments, plants are unparalleled for bringing both exuberance and relaxation to your home. Not only is green the most relaxing of colours (according to science! So who are we to doubt), plants also purify the air during the day and decorate the dwelling with baroque swirling shadows at night. This is why you should incorporate their sinuous curves into every square inch of your home.

Luckily for us, many of our clients have fully grasped the manner in which plants add to their lives (and sales!), and we get to photograph some lovely plant-filled spaces.

With the following property, the flower pots and garden vases aren't prominant or a focal point. However, they beautifully accompany the space by characterising the minimalist open plan kitchen and garden that would otherwise lack colour and vivacity. A bit of yellow, orange and green is good for the soul. 

Valetta Road 116 Ph22 high res.jpg
Valetta Road 116 Ph21 high res.jpg

With this very different property, neatness goes together with wabi-sabi, the Japanese approach which stems from keeping materials raw through reclaiming, recycling and improving what one already has. Here, plants adorn every corner of bathroom and living room. The atmosphere is smooth and serene and encourages you to spend more time in your home. 

53 Crescent Lane ph4.jpg

And if you can't make live plants work in your home, but truly can't bear to live without indoor greenery, how about making use of wallpapers, prints and patterns like in this beautifully decorated home?

53 Crescent Lane ph29.jpg

Fully Furnished - The Furniture Union Shoot

Okay, I'm not gonna lie. A lot of the time this blog is just a vehicle to show off some lovely new photographs. And why not? It's our trade after all and we're good at it (Not meaning to be boastful, of course!). Plus we hear that google likes something new and a little boost to SEO performance wouldn't go amiss!

We are fortunate to work with a variety of super clients all over London ranging from estate agents to developers to architects and interior designers. And we like our property photography to come in various guises. It keeps us on our toes and stokes the inner embers of inspiration. Okay, I'll stop there!

The Furniture Union, a company who specialise in furnishing and interior design products invited us to shoot this fantastic property in Paddington, not far from Hyde Park and Imperial College. We found a marvellous new-build house on a private road decked out in stylish and elegant furnishings - and TFU had installed the kitchen and bathrooms to a high spec too.

Take a look at the wonderful results - I'd quite happily have this as my London pad. Just sayin'!

If you like what they do, just get in touch

The Bagel Factory - Flats For Sale In Hackney Wick

The Bagel Factory is a new, 140 flat development in the heart of Hackney Wick from Aitch Group property developers. Meticulously designed by Hawkins Brown, BuckleyGrayYeoman, and HWO Architects, the style of the apartments and decor reflects the industrial heritage of the area, and also the large artist population which makes Hackney Wick such a vibrant place to be.

The Bagel Factory is also on the Help To Buy scheme, an increasingly popular option in a tough London property market.

Here is some of our work from a half day shoot at this beautifully presented show flat for the development.

The selection from the bedrooms is lovely - we particularly like the wall of floor to ceiling Crittall windows, perfect for a renovated industrial building.

The urban chic in the bathroom here is softened with some greenery. The parquet-effect wall tiles are a particularly effective touch.

Colour choice in the kitchen is perfect for the industrial heritage theme.

The renovated warehouse feel of the exposed brick wall is offset by plain, light walls elsewhere, with soothing greys in the flooring and more of those fantastic steel windows.

A secluded, private balcony finishes this show flat off nicely!

To register your interest in a new home at The Bagel Factory, please contact the Aitch Group on 020 8504 4500 or

Two Fifty One - Southwark Bridge Road

One of the best things about working in London is the architectural innovation and the chance to shoot in a built up environment with so many iconic landmarks. One such occasion for us was visiting Two Fifty One on Southwark Bridge Road. This new development has that almost space-age feel to it, and the perfect weather complemented the facade, and comes with spectacular views of the fabulous London skyline.

Here's what we got up to...

Two Fifty One - Southwark Bridge Road

We had some really dramatic skies when we visited this location, with the strong winds causing the shot to change every few seconds. We love how the blue reflects off one side of Two Fifty One, and the moody grey on the other is so atmospheric.

Two Fifty One - Southwark Bridge Road

On the one hand, shooting high rise buildings in heavily urban areas can be tricky because there frequently isn't enough space to get the full structure into perspective. But on the other, we get to play around with angles that show off the imposing nature of the edifice, and, in this case, of the geometric architecture.

Two Fifty One - Southwark Bridge Road

And, of course, we get to appreciate the stark contrast of aeroplanes and helicopters across the skies, which provide a nice juxtaposition.

Two Fifty One - Southwark Bridge Road

And onto those fantastic views! Can you spot St Paul's Cathedral?

Two Fifty One - Southwark Bridge Road

Swivelling round to the right, we take in the Walkie-Talkie and the Cheesegrater (a.k.a 20 Fenchurch Street and 122 Leadenhall Street)

Two Fifty One - Southwark Bridge Road

Great contrast of old and new - Here we see the Westminster on the right and the ever-dominant London Eye, which when night falls is lit up and really makes the London skyline.

Two Fifty One - Southwark Bridge Road

And let's finish up with the imposing Shard, standing 309.6m tall, comprising 95 storeys. Not a bad view to be greeted with in the morning!