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Flower Power!

Whether you prefer neatly decorated spaces or more haphazard environments, plants are unparalleled for bringing both exuberance and relaxation to your home. Not only is green the most relaxing of colours (according to science! So who are we to doubt), plants also purify the air during the day and decorate the dwelling with baroque swirling shadows at night. This is why you should incorporate their sinuous curves into every square inch of your home.

Luckily for us, many of our clients have fully grasped the manner in which plants add to their lives (and sales!), and we get to photograph some lovely plant-filled spaces.

With the following property, the flower pots and garden vases aren't prominant or a focal point. However, they beautifully accompany the space by characterising the minimalist open plan kitchen and garden that would otherwise lack colour and vivacity. A bit of yellow, orange and green is good for the soul. 

Valetta Road 116 Ph22 high res.jpg
Valetta Road 116 Ph21 high res.jpg

With this very different property, neatness goes together with wabi-sabi, the Japanese approach which stems from keeping materials raw through reclaiming, recycling and improving what one already has. Here, plants adorn every corner of bathroom and living room. The atmosphere is smooth and serene and encourages you to spend more time in your home. 

53 Crescent Lane ph4.jpg

And if you can't make live plants work in your home, but truly can't bear to live without indoor greenery, how about making use of wallpapers, prints and patterns like in this beautifully decorated home?

53 Crescent Lane ph29.jpg