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If you’re trying to sell your property in London, or rent it out, you need to make it look good for photos. But what of vacant, empty properties? Sometimes it’s hard to see beyond the blank walls and to visualise how one can best make use of the space. Sometimes it’s hard to make a vacant property look like a home.

If you have a new development and you are ready to start selling your completed apartments, you are not just selling a flat - you’re selling a lifestyle. And a newly painted, empty space doesn’t scream “buy me”.

It was with this in mind that we added our newest service to our repertoire for 2019: Virtual Property Staging! It can be very expensive to kit your property out with temporary furniture, which may not be the best choice for your situation anyway, so here’s your chance to do it in virtual reality for a fraction of the price.

We take photos of your home, displaying the rooms to their best advantage to show off the space, and then we digitally add furnishings, from beds to tables to plants to artwork. Abracadabra, your property no longer looks empty and soulless, and your potential new buyers or renters can imagine themselves settling in to their new home. We may even give them interior design inspiration, you never know.

Check out these examples of how we can furnish your home digitally! Contact us for a quote or to chat about what we can do for you.

Bedroom and Ensuite.gif
High Rise.gif