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Night and Day Photography: Prime London Residential

The only good thing to be said for the early disappearance of the sun at this time of year is that it’s a lot easier to do night photography! In the height of summer we wait until well after 9pm to get our shots of beautiful lighting in the dark.

In this case, we visited our friends at Prime London Residential in order to show off their bright and welcoming office space. We always enjoy getting both day and night shots to highlight the differences, and this shoot was no exception.

Prime Office Day, PH11.jpg
Prime Office Night Ph6.jpg
Prime Office Day, PH5.jpg
Prime Office Day, PH7.jpg
Prime Office Day, PH9.jpg
Prime Office Day, PH13.jpg
Prime Office Night Ph9.jpg
Prime Office Day, PH16.jpg
Prime Office Night Ph7.jpg
Prime Office Day, PH12.jpg
Prime Office Night Ph8.jpg