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Almington Street - Shooting Landscaped Gardens

It’s definitely nice to expand our comfort zone!

As part of shooting homes, property and architecture, we are frequently required to shoot some truly delightful gardens. But last week we focused specifically on garden design when we did a shoot in Finsbury Park for garden and landscape designers Acacia Gardens.

Owner and Managing Director Herman Probati was looking to capture a couple of Acacia’s recently completed projects, and generally speaking it’s the perfect time of year for it. However, you may remember that last week was the week of long-lasting torrential downpours, and the one thing you absolutely cannot do without for landscape and garden shoots is a dry day. Fortunately, the weather forecast was unusually accurate and the shoot went ahead.

We even managed to squeeze in a few profile pictures for the Acacia Gardens website!

Acacia Gardens - Herman.jpg

The layout and balance of this garden design really shows what you can do with a normal-sized London garden - it proves you don’t need acres to perfect a garden. Check out some of our photos from the shoot below!

Almington Street Ph1.jpg
Almington Street Ph3.jpg
Almington Street Ph5.jpg
Almington Street Ph6.jpg
Almington Street Ph8.jpg
Almington Street Ph15.jpg
Almington Street Ph14.jpg
Almington Street Ph11.jpg
Almington Street Ph12.jpg
Almington Street Ph20.jpg
Almington Street Ph18.jpg
Almington Street Ph19.jpg
Almington Street Ph17.jpg
Almington Street Ph21.jpg

Many thanks to Herman and Acacia Gardens for including us in your beautiful project!