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Photography gem: Something special... in a small space.

In the business of property marketing you are often surprised by what greets you behind the front door. We love a challenge, (okay not always) but we love it even more if we can deliver stunning photography by the end of the day. So, as that front door opens will we find a palace? A dive? Will it be immaculately kept? Or will the decorator be rushing to finish the paintwork?! Will there be a sea of kids' toys to navigate around? On this occasion, we are definitely talking palatial! - if you can call 350 square feet a palace!

The owner had purchased the property as a blank canvas not too long ago.... and seriously went to town on it! Most of the decor was purchased from Buster and Punch and it looked AMAZING! Located in Fulham, just a few steps from the Broadway, I'm sure it won't go cheap. Here are some photos from our shoot. I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves...