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The Prettiest of Windows

At Pixangle, we are in the fortunate position of being able to nose around in other people's properties, and, as you can imagine, we spend quite a lot of time admiring architectural features. Property photography is at its most fun when the places you're photographing have  resounding elements of beauty.

Step up, windows! Whether it's due to shape, light, views or balance, windows are a lovely focal point for home photography. Without further ado, here are our ten most recent favourites.

1. Let's start strong with a good clean traditional window shape, and a lovely view just outside, developed by The Haywoods Group. Who'd have thought this was incredibly close to Clapham Common Station?

Crescent Grove

2. And let us not forget the art of stained glass. So pretty.

Compayne Gardens

3. A converted church in Islington has provided some of the loveliest window shots we've ever seen. The simple staining of the glass is so peaceful, and the two arches here are very clean and elegant.

Peters Church

4. See what we mean? From a split level flat in the same building, just look at these magnificently sweeping arches.

St Peter's Church

5. And while we're on grand scale windows, what do you reckon to the below shot? Photographing this flat in London was a joy not just for the mezzanine and corresponding high ceiling, but the wall of glass with all the gorgeous greenery outside.

Ely Cottage

6. Right, time to move on to the highly effective use of internal windows. The glass neatly separates areas, while still giving a light, open feel. We love this use of sectioning off the stairwell by Hogarth Architects:

Russell Gdn Mews

7. Sticking with internal windows, this is a clever feature. This image is of the basement level of a split level flat, with natural light only occuring at the stairwell and a lightwell that opens out from the bedroom on the left. Closing off the study would have been extremely claustrophobic, but the glass partition separates it without leaving you feeling hemmed in. Bravo.

Sherbrooke Road

8. Lovely bit of decoration of a circular window here - we feel it gives the room a nice focal point.

Gilstead Road

9. Double points for this one, for not only taking up a whole wall, but a curving wall at that.

Bankside Lofts

10. This will never cease to be one of our favourite moments of property photography in London. Ginormous windows? Check. Traditional structure? Check. High ceilings? Check. Over water? Check. Utterly staggering cityscape view?? Check, check, check.

Studio Clink Wharf