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Property photography snapshot - Preparation

It may seem obvious, but getting your home ready for a photographer is really very important. An excess of clutter and personal belongings could mean the potential buyer misses how spacious the room is, or how marvellous that shiny granite worktop looks. 

As home photographers, our experience means we can instantly know what should and shouldn't be in shot, and we're happy to assist. However, it is a fine line between being a photographer and being a house clearance company! Far better that all of the big items, like a clothes horse, an ironing board and dirty washing are already all tucked neatly out of sight. Then we can concentrate our time on the finer details and make sure a home looks as best it possibly can.

As a last resort, when access is difficult or permission is not granted to move any items in a property, we do have one or two tricks up our sleeves. Check out Pixangle's photo editing skills on THESE!