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If you’re trying to sell your property in London, or rent it out, you need to make it look good for photos. But what of vacant, empty properties? Sometimes it’s hard to see beyond the blank walls and to visualise how one can best make use of the space. Sometimes it’s hard to make a vacant property look like a home.

If you have a new development and you are ready to start selling your completed apartments, you are not just selling a flat - you’re selling a lifestyle. And a newly painted, empty space doesn’t scream “buy me”.

It was with this in mind that we added our newest service to our repertoire for 2019: Virtual Property Staging! It can be very expensive to kit your property out with temporary furniture, which may not be the best choice for your situation anyway, so here’s your chance to do it in virtual reality for a fraction of the price.

We take photos of your home, displaying the rooms to their best advantage to show off the space, and then we digitally add furnishings, from beds to tables to plants to artwork. Abracadabra, your property no longer looks empty and soulless, and your potential new buyers or renters can imagine themselves settling in to their new home. We may even give them interior design inspiration, you never know.

Check out these examples of how we can furnish your home digitally! Contact us for a quote or to chat about what we can do for you.

Bedroom and Ensuite.gif
High Rise.gif

Night and Day Photography: Prime London Residential

The only good thing to be said for the early disappearance of the sun at this time of year is that it’s a lot easier to do night photography! In the height of summer we wait until well after 9pm to get our shots of beautiful lighting in the dark.

In this case, we visited our friends at Prime London Residential in order to show off their bright and welcoming office space. We always enjoy getting both day and night shots to highlight the differences, and this shoot was no exception.

Prime Office Day, PH11.jpg
Prime Office Night Ph6.jpg
Prime Office Day, PH5.jpg
Prime Office Day, PH7.jpg
Prime Office Day, PH9.jpg
Prime Office Day, PH13.jpg
Prime Office Night Ph9.jpg
Prime Office Day, PH16.jpg
Prime Office Night Ph7.jpg
Prime Office Day, PH12.jpg
Prime Office Night Ph8.jpg

Decorative Lights: Night Photography.

It is not really on to go around mentioning the C word before time… and especially while we’re still in November. However, in preparation for the festive time of year, the team at Pixangle have already begun writing cards and delivering gifts to our lovely clients. We like to get ahead of the game (especially given we were late to the party last year)

Speaking of being ahead of the game, the lovely people over at Emma’s Estate Agents in Streatham have been busy making their shiny new office all festive. We’re not talking just throwing some tinsel around either. No, this is stylish and sophisticated. We were only too happy to help capture their pretty creation. The one good thing about shorter days is you don’t have to wait until 10pm to get some night photography on the go! And you can use the low light to easily capture movement with blurred lights on vehicles travelling along.

Here is a small sample of the results! (just promise not to play any festive music, just yet!)

Night and Day photography 1.jpg
Night and Day photography 2.jpg
Night and Day photography 3.jpg
Night and Day photography 7.jpg
Night and Day photography 6.jpg
Night and Day photography 5.jpg
Night and Day photography 4.jpg

Alternative photography

As much as we enjoy property interiors, sometimes it’s nice to mix things up a bit and photograph something different. Luckily for us we have a very exciting new-ish client, Lavastar! ( They are an award winning signage company and produce large format printing, stunning site hoarding and bespoke building wraps all around London and nationwide. They have a background in marketing and design and it shows!

We’ve been on night shoots, to Wembley, to Bracknell and even all the way to South Wales to capture their work. No one shoot is the same and we really like it that way!

Here is a brief sample of their work (and ours) to date:

Night Photography - Vauxhall Tower

What’s better than astonishing views over London from the forty-first floor of an iconic building?

Why, astonishing views over London from the forty-first floor of an iconic building AT NIGHT, of course!

10 The Tower Night Shots Ph7.jpg

We had the total pleasure of shooting a spectacular 3 bed apartment in St George Wharf Tower, otherwise known as Vauxhall Tower. And after a daytime shoot of perfect weather we returned after dark for a night shoot.

Here are some of the resulting photos:

10 The Tower Night Shots Ph1.jpg
10 The Tower Night Shots Ph2.jpg
10 The Tower Night Shots Ph3.jpg

The living area, comprising a living room half-partitioned off from a kitchen/dining room, is wall to ceiling glass for the entire external wall, providing the most extraordinary views.

Speaking of which, who would like this view from their bedroom?

10 The Tower Night Shots Ph5.jpg
10 The Tower Night Shots Ph6.jpg

Or even their study… Though the distraction potential is high here…

10 The Tower Night Shots Ph4.jpg

This amazing flat is currently on the market with Prime London Residential for a cool (gulp) £9,950,000, and can be viewed here. Now we all just need to win the lottery.

We’ll leave you with one more photo, the “this is why I became a photographer” shot:

10 The Tower Night Shots Ph9.jpg

Oh, London, you’re so pretty.