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Lillie Square, Earls Court: Dazzling Interior Architecture

Lillie Square is a stunning new residential development near Earls Court, a venture which involved turning a 7.4 acre car park into 808 new homes. As Phase 1 of the construction has been completed and largely sold, we were lucky enough to be instructed to shoot one of the flats and the communal areas.

And oh, the communal areas! We shoot a lot of properties and a lot of impressive architecture and design, but Lillie Square’s Clubhouse and residents’ pool really are something a bit special. We were delighted to be able to photograph these beautiful places - have a look and see what you think!

Lillie Square Pool 4.jpg

This beautiful pool makes use of asymetrical shapes and serene lighting along with natural stone to create a calm haven.

Lillie Square Pool 2.jpg

Plenty of space to relax and a separate jacuzzi to dip into

Lillie Square Pool 1.jpg

Aaaaand relax.

Lillie Square Communal 13.jpg

Vast areas of glazing allow plenty of light into the foyer area.

Lillie Square Communal 14.jpg

Coffee, anyone?

Lillie Square Communal 16.jpg

We love the way the double height ceilings are divided here with this installation.

Lillie Square Communal 12.jpg

And nothing beats a beautifully balanced staircase.

Lillie Square Communal 4.jpg

Moving through to the bar, the lighting becomes more intimate as the flow of the building moves away from the natural light of day.

Lillie Square Communal 6.jpg

Tucked away around a corner, the bar has a cosier feel to it.

Lillie Square Communal 7.jpg

And moving through further still, feast your eyes on the wine room!

Lillie Square Communal 10.jpg

The colour scheme and decor style here are far more traditional, but not without their nods to the contemporary with this fabulous light fitting.

Lillie Square Communal 9.jpg

A running theme we found throughout the development was perfect balance, the space utilised to the optimum with no overcrowding or starkly empty areas.

Lillie Square Communal 8.jpg

But always plenty of areas to relax!

Lillie Square Communal 5.jpg

And last but not least, don’t forget the cinema room! Because of course there’s a cinema room.

Bravo to the Lillie Square design team who created this lovely place to live!

Lillie Square Communal 18.jpg

Property Feature - Newman Street W1

When it comes to architecture, everyone has their preferred tastes . Ben here is a bit of a fan of 50’s-60’s Brutalism but, in my opinion, a good bit of early Georgian architecture in London is hard to beat. And that’s probably why there are various conservation areas across the city, because other people think so too!

Newman Street in Fitzrovia now has a real mix of styles. The sympathetic modern Rathbone Square at one end, built on the site of a former Royal Mail sorting office and the looming site of the BT Tower at the other. - Incidentally the development of Rathbone Square seems to have put paid to the below graffiti artwork attributed to Banksy.

Banksy’s Newman Street - Westminster CC

Banksy’s Newman Street - Westminster CC

Sandwiched between all this is Cleary House - a collection of recently renovated apartments spanning 5 floors above a cafe/deli. Completed to a high standard, the apartments offer spacious accommodation but crucially the original facade has been retailed despite the addition of an extra floor, which took place in the mid 90’s. Not only are they spacious, the apartments also have an abundance of natural light - and when it comes to property photography, we like that kind of thing! Take a look at a few pictures of our work!

Property Feature: Cathew Road, Hammersmith

We had a great time photographing this serenely beautiful property on Carthew Road in Hammersmith! The light was just perfect, and really brought out the calming whites and contrasting splashes of colour in the natural-toned woods. Just lovely.

Here are some shots from the shoot!

61 Carthew Road ph19.jpg
61 Carthew Road ph21.jpg
61 Carthew Road ph18.jpg
61 Carthew Road ph17.jpg
61 Carthew Road ph11.jpg
61 Carthew Road ph13.jpg
61 Carthew Road ph10.jpg
61 Carthew Road ph9.jpg
61 Carthew Road ph7-3 Split Screen.jpg
61 Carthew Road ph2.jpg
61 Carthew Road ph4.jpg

Property Feature: Casewick Road, West Norwood

Sometimes we arrive at a property to find it staged, dressed and ready for a photo shoot! It’s wonderful when that happens because we get to go crazy with the camera and really capture the soul of a place. Needless to say, the following property wasn’t on the market for very long, having been snapped up within the week!

Here are some of the shots from the day:

157 Casewick Road Ph2.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph1.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph3.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph4.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph6.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph8.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph7.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph11.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph13.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph14.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph16.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph17.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph18.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph19.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph21.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph23.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph25.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph29.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph30.jpg
157 Casewick Road Ph28.jpg

Property Feature: Ryger House, Mayfair

There are two bed flats, and then there are two bed flats like these.

One of our favourite recent properties was this beautiful, elegant apartment in Mayfair, marketed by Prime London Residential.

Very traditional in style, Ryger House nevertheless exuded glamour with plenty of unique design features for us to get stuck into. Here are a few of our shots from the day.

This luxurious bedroom uses warm neutral colours to create a boudoir level of comfort, with a feature wall to add some texture and great mirror placement.

G4 Ryger House ph19.jpg

The use of light cleverly substitutes vertical windows and creates a soft, warm atmosphere.

By contrast, the second bedroom opts for cooler, sophisticated grey tones.

And the in-built storage is used to neatly partition off the sleeping area.

G4 Ryger House ph2.jpg

The living room exploits the different sections of the room, revealing something new in every angle from which is is viewed:

The fireplace is beautifully balanced and framed by in-built shelving.

G4 Ryger House ph1.jpg

And presiding over it all is an elegant art deco-inspired light fitting.

The bathrooms may well be our favourite element to this lovely home.

The use of this dramatic and striking marble gives this bathroom a focal point, even while it is countered by the serene smoothness of the bathtub before it.

In a completely different style but just as immaculate is this second bathroom. Using a different type of very distinctive marble, the overall effect is of purity and serenity.

Communal spaces are not neglected: This landing features a dominant light fitting amplified by a full wall mirror but not distracted from with a glass banister which keeps the space as open as possible.

And the lower level benefits from the mirrored wall above it too, giving a view on the ascent to the next floor.

A good width keeps the lower landing very open and spacious.

Just look at that demure facade, hiding all that opulence inside!